Parse thrift in Go: the Antlr Way

Parse thrift in Go: the Antlr Way

thrift2interface is a small project I developed for auto generating go interfaces from thrift by Antlr4. This could be easily done by following the steps in Parsing with ANTLR 4 and Go with some extra efforts:


The struct definition from the canonical Thrift.g4 may cause exceptions when generating Golang runtimes, this can be fixed by changing struct to goStruct (or any other name you desire).


The sub-include file parsing is just like the Backtracking Algorithm.

Package Name Alias

Well this is tricky — I cannot figure out a way to generate an unique alias name for each package, even with its namespace as a prefix, so I simply apply camel naming convention to each package, e.g.: => myFancyName

my.another.fancy_name => myAnotherFancyName

And if any conflict occurs, there are two ways afaik to handle this awkward situation:

  • overwrite the generating rule for a specific package with an additional command line parameter.
  • ambiguous aliases can be auto renamed with a suffix, like aliasName1, aliasName2, etc.

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